Jaime J Joseph


Jaime J Joseph is a gifted and enthusiastic actress who has become skilled in many areas. Jaime got her feet wet in the acting business and discovered that she loves the person she becomes when behind the camera.
: Brown            Hair: Brown            HT: 4'11"/WT"106

     Jaime J Joseph

Rebel/Girl Next Door


                                 781-654-1350                                            H: 4’11/W: 112

             email:  jaimejjoseph@gmail.com

             website:  www.jaimejjoseph.com


          Notorious                                              Pam                                    Notorious Production                                                                                                                                           Dir. George Tillman                               

         HGTV Designer Finals                           Interior Designer                    Home & Garden NTWK

Faith Molester Music Video                      Church Girl                          The Burn & Cry Group                                                                                                                                        Dir: Anthony Cupo

         Gossip Girl Season 1                                 Clubber                             Warner  Bros                                                 Episode: Victor/Victrola)                                                                      Dir. Tony Wharmby


        Actors’ Connection NY Workshops/Seminars

Josh Plutz/DGRW, Lisa Price/Talent Agent, Jack Bowden/Jay Binder Casting, Doug Keston/Paradigm


Next Door Theater

Stage Dir: Brian Milauskas

  Community Theater:

             The Princess & The Princess               Soldier                   (Daytime Player’s) Next Door Theater                                                                                                                       Dir. Brian Milauskas 


             A Storybook Halloween                       Supporting              (Daytime Player’s) Next Door Theater                                                                                                       Dir. Jenny Nordan/Brian Milauskas

                             Commercials Available Upon Request                                                          

Special Skills:

Hip Hop/Salsa/Reggae/Club/Ballet/Freestyle Dance, Yoga, New England/British/Spanish/Jamaican Dialects, Spanish (Familiar), Carpentry, Improv (General), Design


Height:     4'11"
Weight:     112 lbs
Hair:         Short
Hair:         Brown
Eyes:         Brown
Tattoos:    4 (Hidden)
Age Range: 17-32
Physique:   Slim


Jaime J. Joseph is from Boston, MA. She grew up as a Dancer performing Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz but she always had a passion for ACTING. Because her family frowned upon her being an Actress she went to school to pursue a degree in the Arts.

After graduating Technical School she received a degree in Visual Communications and continued her studies at New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University where she gained knowledge and experience in Interior Design.

Working as an Interior Designer for many years her passion for Acting never left, so she attended some showcases and studied with Brooke Bundy for 4 weeks and then moved to New York City to explore and perfect her craft.

When Jaime resided in NYC she worked PT in the evenings, and during the day she auditioned and attended classes and seminars during the day to gain more knowledge because exploring and perfecting your craft is essential. She landed small roles in various projects such as Notorious and networked with some amazing people.

She currently resides Boston due to a life changing event but because of her drive, ambition and raw talent she wants to explore and audition for more challenging roles.

Jaime enjoys designing, reading books on ways to hone her acting skills, and spending time with her family.





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